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Clicks Afritrue naturals: moisturising curls products -Product review

Hello HAIRLOW! I know I’ve been MIA up in this blog, but sometimes it be like that… (basically I don’t have a valid reasonšŸ™ˆ). Hope you’re all good and your fro is THRIVIN’ I am reviewing 3 products from the Clicks Afritrue naturals moisturising curls range. If you’re looking for a great value for money, […]

Body issues.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Okay, lets try again… There is nothing as frustrating as people telling you how much weight you’ve gained and how much your body has changed or about how you’re this and that. I think its safe(ish) to say that I have had body issues for the longest of times and my confidence was not […]

Black Girl Magic

What is Black Girl Magic? Does it depend onĀ the concentration of melanin you have? Is it the number of lashes your back can take without saying a word? What is Black Girl Magic? Is it the burning of oneself to keep others warm? To me black girl magic should not be about “strength” or “power” […]